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Introducing the E-Score Advantage for Employee Engagement


Rejuvenate, Reward, and Reskill (Stretched Thin) Managers and Teams

Boost Employee

Engagement and

Unlock Potential

Turn Managers into

Leaders and Employees

into Inspired Teams

Apply Practical Solutions

to Today’s Business


Management Toolkit to

Increase Productivity

and Deliver Value

Inspiring Community

for Support and


8-Week Online Group

Coaching Program with

Kickoff Workshop

Hear what past students have to say:

Experience a surge of new energy and skills in your team with our innovative approach.

It starts with an E-Score, a quick start tool that measures “5 E’s” for exceptional employees:

  • Engaged
  • Effective
  • Empowered
  • Entrepreneurial
  • Enjoyment

The E-Score sets the stage for our transformative, eight-week, action-based program, E-Score Advantage, that  boosts the five areas highlighted by the E-Score. 

The E-Score Advantage Program delivers:

  • elevated team dynamics, skills, and effectiveness
  • improved ROI and retention
  • post-assessment score
  • action plan, charting the course for continued success. 


It rewards hard-working employees while providing new skills, tools and support for more productive and enjoyable workdays.

There are two tracks: 

Strategic Leadership Track

Who is it for?

Established Managers: Looking to rejuvenate their approach, boost team productivity, and enhance workplace enjoyment

  • Managers, Directors, VPs with 5-15 years of experience
  • Linchpins in their organization
  • Managing hybrid teams and multiple projects
  • Stretched-thin, managing both up and down
Challenges Addressed
  • Need help managing teams and workload
  • Seeking to reduce stress, increase enjoyment
  • Learn new skills, tactics and tools
  • Feel more engaged, effective, empowered, and entrepreneurial
  • Rejuvenation and a chance to catch their breath
Community Support
  • Join a supportive community of like-minded managers and leaders
  • Opportunity to learn and share with peers
Team Development Opportunities
  • Enroll direct reports in the Career Growth Track
  • Align the team with similar mindsets and tools
  • Overall improvement in team efficiency and harmony

Career Growth Track 

Who is it for?

Emerging Leaders: Individuals showing potential for leadership roles and needing the right tools and skills to excel

Teams Seeking Cohesion: Groups that aim to improve their collective effectiveness, communication, and problem-solving skills

  • Individual Contributors with 2-5 years of experience
  • Ideal for those early in their career
  • Hard-working individuals looking to enhance their skills
Challenges Addressed
  • Need help to level up professional skills
  • Seeking to develop confidence and communication abilities
  • Learning to understand and articulate their value
  • Aiming to deliver impactful results
  • Practical skills for more effective work
  • Guidance in career development and self-promotion
  • Opportunities to build confidence in professional settings
Community Support
  • Join a supportive group of peers also early in their career
  • Share experiences and learn from others in similar stages
Connection to Leadership Track
  • Ideal if their manager is enrolled in the Strategic Leadership Track
  • Ensures alignment in skills and mindset within teams

The program covers the same material in each track, from different perspectives and focus.

This approach aligns teams around a similar mindset and core functions for team success and well-being.  

We cover these four modules over eight weeks:

Developed by Founder, Erin Moran McCormick, former Director, Curriculum Innovation and Technology at Babson College, #1 in the world for entrepreneurship education and Director, Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship at UMass Boston.

Erin was CIO of two companies, and head of Innovation for a leading PropTech company. She started three companies and is the author of Year of Action and Launching Your Life. 

Recently Erin earned certificates from MIT in Business Innovation and Stanford in Positive Psychology and Well-Being.

She creates programs that inspire employees to be more innovative, confident, successful and happy – and provides a toolkit, framework and supportive community that helps you take action and get results.


It’s a great time to rejuvenate, reward and reskill your team (and you!)

People are RAVING about the content, approach and camaraderie.”



The E-Score Advantage Program

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