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ACTION B- SCHOOL: New, Action-Based Biz Programs that Get Results - and Laughs!

It's the new MBA

M - MINDSET for success, B - BOOST your biz skills, A - ACTION for results


It starts with a positive mindset and attitude. We help you develop your confidence and an innovative and entrepreneurial mindset to see and solve problems.  We help you set big goals and give you the skills, support and action steps to get there.


We take the intimidation out of business education.  We teach the biz, tech & marketing skills you need to succeed today – in plain language.  Technology is changing all the time. We help you learn how to stay current, without feeling overwhelmed with all the changes.


Talking is fine, but you have to get out there and act. Do something. Meet with customers. Make a pitch. Create a prototype. We help you break down big goals into small action steps for results. Put the learning into practice.  Find ways to collaborate.  It’s all about ACTION!

See for yourself.

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I quit my job on my 50th birthday, wrote a book and started a business.

You can get anything you want. You don't have to have all the answers, you just have to start. We'll teach you the rest. Action B-School

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