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Forward-thinking companies know we need NEW ways to take ACTION

to achieve successful and lasting innovation.

We can help. 

We help companies create a more innovative, engaged and inclusive culture.

With lawsuits, gender pay gaps and lack of board seats dominating the news, it is clear that the old ways of working, aren’t working.

Forward-thinking companies know that they need NEW ways to engage and empower women – so that we are ALL more innovative and successful.

We have programs for women alone (research shows that women-only programs can help jumpstart women’s confidence, engagement and success rates) and workshops for men and women together.

It’s not a “woman’s thing” – or a “one and done” thing – it’s a new way of working. And those who “get it”, win.

Our Clients Include:

Entrepreneur. Techie. Designer.

Our CEO, Erin Moran McCormick, was the former Director, Curriculum Innovation and Technology at Babson College, #1 in the world for entrepreneurship education and Director of the Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship at UMass Boston.

Erin was CIO of two companies, has started three companies and is the author of Year of Action: How to Stop Waiting & Start Living Your BIG, Fabulous Life.

The Best-Seller,
Year of Action, and 90-Day Action Plan Workbook

Our Featured Program – XAP

XAP – Xcelerated Action Program

For Aspiring Women Leaders – typically with 5 – 15 years experience

XAP – XCELERATED ACTION PROGRAM  – boosts women’s confidence, strategic focus and key business skills, with NO time away from work.

Program includes:

  • Saturday Kickoff Conference in Boston
  • 8 Weekly Online Classes/Group Coaching Sessions – Connect from anywhere
  • Saturday Graduation Retreat in Boston
  • Workbook and materials
  • 6-Month Follow up
  • Lifetime access to material and network
  • Optional workshop for men and women

90-Day Year of Action Workbook

(And Women Love It!)

Feel more confident, focused and fearless – with the must-have business skills to succeed in today’s innovation economy.

“Women in the program are raving about the content, approach and camaraderie!” – COMCAST

Senior Director, HR Talent Management – Comcast

“It’s the combo of having a career coach, motivational speaker and a source of practical advice for business, all rolled into one.” – TESLA

Lesli Ann Agcaoili, Senior Design Quality Engineer – Tesla Motors

Hear it straight from our students

“The timing is ripe for a program like this.” – FORBES

Our accelerated program boosts women’s confidence, courage and clarity along with key business skills, by using practical action steps in a relaxed setting, to get results quickly.

“Guest Rockstars” –  SETH GODIN