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I know how it feels to doubt yourself. To feel overwhelmed.
To feel like you’re working hard but just spinning your wheels.
To wonder if you’re crazy – and if you can even do it.

You can.

I’m the new Director of the Entrepreneurship Center at UMass Boston
and I’m here to help – whether you’re running a business,
running a department or running around trying to figure out what to do.

I can help you get focused, get past the fears and doubts
that hold you back and get the business, tech and
leadership skills you need to succeed today
– all taught in plain language.

You just need to decide…and start.
Start with our 90 Day Action Plan Workbook – FREE.

C’mon. Jump in and get the free plan.
It feels GREAT to get back in control.

Stressed out? Here’s a secret…

I just got back from an amazing Women’s Retreat in Guatemala (just in time for the blizzard to hit Boston!) It was an incredible week with 200 top businesswomen from around the world. There were so many inspirational panels and conversations. But you know what... read more

What would YOU do if you weren't afraid?

I quit my job on my 50th birthday, wrote a book and started a business I love.

(That’s me “behind-the-scenes” at my first live TV interview!) It all seemed so impossible and terrifying at the time – and yet, these crazy big dreams keep coming true.

It’s NOT about “up and quitting” your job – or about being selfish (or stupid!)

It’s about consciously choosing to create the life you want to live.

It’s about giving yourself permission to explore what makes you happy and what you want.

It’s about believing in the possibilities and taking a small step, and then another one.

We can help YOU take action on your big dreams too.

Here’s to YOUR Year of Action,


Erin Moran McCormick,

Founder & Author, Year of Action

Erin is a true specialist in building momentum to translate small steps into big action…

Erin knows what it takes to bring an idea to life. She created an accessible, inviting way to teach women the hard business skills they need… The timing is ripe for a program like this.”



erin_mccormick_rio Speaking in Rio de Janeiro

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Erin Moran McCormick

Erin Moran McCormick

Founder, Year of Action

Director, Entrepreneurship Center, UMass Boston


You can make this YOUR Year of Action.  I'd love to help.  You can start today.

Take a step today and join us.