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From Stuck to SOARing is about learning how to dream big, see new opportunities and discover ways to step into your amazing potential, from right where you are.

When you SOAR, you:

  • EE the possibilities and Set your intentions
  • PTIMIZE the obstacles you encounter
  • LIGN your resources
  • EACH new heights

This program is a companion to the XAP – Xcelerated Action Program.

Whereas XAP introduces these concepts, SOAR does a deep dive into the topics of goals, confidence and turning dreams into action.

Who is this for?

This is a program for women at all levels of an organization who want to go from STUCK to SOARING.

SOAR will help you:

  • Get the confidence to push past fears and doubt
  • Get clear on your goals and get inspired to take action
  • Get a step-by-step guide to follow
  • Get supported and motivated – and be held accountable
  • Get connected to a network of positively-biased, action-focused women
  • Get the tools to bring your best self to your work and make the impact only you can

This is an 8-week program – with two face-to-face sessions and eight online group sessions.

It was designed to fit around your schedule – with NO time away from work.

There is a Kickoff in Boston and 8 weekly online sessions. Call in from anywhere. There is a Graduation Retreat in Boston.

Lisa DeAngelis

Lisa DeAngelis

Faculty Lead

Lisa DeAngelis helps to move you from knowledge to wisdom to action.

As the director for the Center of Collaborative Leadership at UMass Boston, Lisa brings 30 years of divisional and corporate leadership experience to the center’s work of preparing leaders to excel in the twenty-first century.

She has helped facilitate programs such as a high-potential executive education program at Wharton, the Women’s Leadership Summit at Novo Nordisk, key faculty and staff at West Point, the leadership team at Astra-Zeneca, HR leadership at LEGO, key staff at MIT Lincoln Labs.

Through Dragonfly Coaching, LLC, Lisa helps leaders at all levels step into their uniqueness, claim their power, and actualize their vision.

She has also acted as a Teaching Associate in Harvard Business School’s Authentic Leader Development course, Brown University’s Entrepreneurial Leadership in Innovative Firms course and has published several peer-reviewed articles on leadership, teamwork, and transformation.

Lisa combines compassion, tenacity, curiosity and humor to help clear out the obstacles blocking your potential – even when that obstacle is you!

How does it work?

Four Components

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