FEB 6-8, 2020 – MIAMI, FL

Meet seasoned CEOs and Global Leaders and get practical tips to Master the skills to get to the next level in your career

JOIN US IN MIAMI – FEB 6-8, 2020


This is a unique opportunity to interact directly with a diverse group of CEOs and leaders who have been in senior positions of many different shapes and forms throughout their lives. Participants will get behind-the-scenes insights and practical tips as to how to develop a systemic approach and insert/align purpose in an organization and learn how to take steps to get to the next level in their career.

Come join us in Miami

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Adriana Machado

Founder, Briyah Institute
First Woman CEO, GE Brazil

Adriana Machado is one of Latin America’s most celebrated women business leaders and an outspoken advocate in the impact economy space. She is a former CEO of GE Brazil and founder of the Briyah Institute, a Benefit Corporation that bridges innovation, practice and purpose. Adriana serves on the board of the United Nations Association (UNA-USA) Miami Chapter, America Solidaria US, and “Conselho de Cidadãos Brasileiros na Florida”. MORE…


Pedro E. Suarez

Former Global Chief Commercial Officer, President, North America and Latin America, Dow Chemical, Board member, Investor

Senior executive with a $50B Fortune 50 multinational corporation, Pedro has led and influenced major growth initiatives, pivotal transformations, and critical turnarounds during his career. Throughout a 30-year career with Dow Inc he played key roles as Latin America President, North America President and recently Chief Commercial Officer for the company globally. MORE…


Jocelyn Cortez Young

Founder and CEO, Minerva Capital Group

Jocelyn Cortez-Young is the founder and CEO of Minerva Capital Group, a double bottom line impact investment firm focusing on emerging markets. Before founding Minerva, Cortez-Young’s career included financial management roles with significant responsibility at Citibank, Credit Suisse First Boston and Goldman Sachs. Cortez-Young is a member of the Alumni Board MORE…


Dorothea Werneck

Only woman appointed minister twice in Brazil, Former CEO, Excel Banco de Investimento S/A

Dorothea Werneck is a Senior Economist, with master’s degree and PhD-Abd in Economy at Boston College (1975) and has an illustrious and recognized career both in the public and private sectors with many relevant accomplishments. Dorothea was the second woman Minister in Brazil and the only woman to have been appointed minister twice in different administrations. MORE…


Gisela Abbam

2019 Black British Business Person of the Year, Chair, British Science Association

Gisela is a freelance Consultant, Chair of the British Science Association and a global Goodwill Ambassador. Gisela is also the 2019 winner of the Black British Business Person of the Year Award. She provides advice to clients on business strategy and growth. She has written over 45 white papers on various public policy issues and regularly presents at  MORE…

Paulo Henrique Lustosa

TBC – Former Brazilian Congressman, Exec Secretary Sanitation Policies State of Ceara

Brazilian politician and current Executive Secretary for Sanitation Policies of the State of Ceara and President of the Fiscal Committe of the state owned Water Supply Company (CAGECE). Paulo has held several public positions both in the Federal and State levels, including Congressman at the Brazilian House of Representatives, Secretary for Urban Development of the State of Ceara  MORE…


Julia Wilkinson

Imvest CEO, Board Chair Finance, Good Brazil, Private Wealth Management

Julia Wilkinson is an impact investor and consultant. As founder and CEO of Imvest, she is committed to building a sustainable future through social entrepreneurship and impact investing. Her clients include funds, family offices, and social entrepreneurs that aim to integrate impact into their models and investments. MORE…

Paola DeAngeli

Co-founder, The Sustainability Blueprint Board Member, UN Association-Miami, LEED-GA Accredited

Paola has worked in various capacities across several industries with diverse stakeholders. These capacities include research and analysis of natural gas activities and strategies of global oil & gas companies, devising and executing successful business development strategies in the global textile industry, as well as analyzing financial institutions’ and multinationals’ reinsurance policies for complex reinsurance MORE…


Bob Hacker

Co-Founder and Director of StartUP FIU, Former COO/CFO
Robert H. Hacker is the Co-founder and Director of StartUP FIU, which focuses on fostering innovation and entrepreneurship across Florida International University (FIU). His current focus is in commercializing faculty research in emerging technologies. He supports faculty by arranging direct investment, corporate research partnerships and grant funding.


Rosangela Melatto

Senior Consultant, Mosai &Co Consultores, Former Head CSR, Intel, Latin America

Engineer and executive in the area of ​​Corporate Responsibility, with more than 20 years of experience in leading organizations in their markets, with focus on technology. Responsible for developing and conducting strategies to ensure inclusive and equitable quality education (SDG 4), achieving gender equality and empowering women and girls (SDG 5), MORE…

Rosemary Ravinal

Founder, RMR Communications Consulting, Former Public Relations VP, Univision Network

Rosemary Ravinal is the founder and chief trainer at RMR Communications Consulting. The company helps bilingual, bi-cultural business leaders master the art of public speaking, inspiring presentations and authoritative media interviews that improve careers, companies and lives. She and her team have worked with brands such as AT&T, Toyota Motor North America, A+E Networks, HBO, Latin GRAMMY, SonyEricsson, Revlon, and National Pork Board.  MORE… 


Mike Sarasti

CIO of DoIT, City of Miami

Michael Sarasti leads Information Technology in addition to continuing the work he has been doing for the past two years of driving innovation, modern technology practices, process improvement, collaboration and customer service. Mr. Sarasti has more than a decade of government experience evaluating government processes, analyzing performance



Corinna Schabbel

Ph.D, Senior Consultant Board Member

Clinical Psychologist, Ph.D. in Human and Organizational Development and Conflict Mediation by Fielding University / USA. Worked in multinational companies in Brazil, Germany and Portugal until 1996. Since then working as a senior consultant in People Management with experience in corporate education, crisis management, coaching, mentoring and mediation. MORE…


Erin Moran McCormick

CEO, Year of Action, Author, Board Member, Innovation Director

Erin is CEO, Year of Action, a leadership development firm that helps companies boost their innovation and inclusion. An art and psychology grad from Smith College, Erin started her career designing computer software games and worked at a number of tech startups; working her way up to CIO for two companies and starting three companies.


Cibele Salviatto

Entrepreneur, Consciousness & Sustainability Coach

Cibele Salviatto is a speaker, integral coach and sustainability consultant who draws on her many years of experience at major multinational firms to help organizations transform their cultures and to help leaders within those organizations become dynamic and effective change agents. With a disarming manner and a unique gift of persuasion, Cibele inspires leaders to face their shortcomings, engage in self-discovery and reach for a higher purpose.  MORE…


Michelle Abbs

Director, Babson College’s WIN (Women Innovating Now) Lab for Miami

Michelle Abbs is the Director of Babson College’s WIN (Women Innovating Now) Lab for Miami. She is responsible for recruiting and selecting top female founded companies for the accelerator program, as well as overseeing the stakeholders and executing the program model to scale business ventures. During her tenure she has grown the program visibility to more than triple the applicant pool. MORE…

Michelle Blechner

Founder, Mosaic, The Movement, Spiritual Leader

Born and raised in France, Michelle Blechner lived in NY for 30 years until she relocated to Miami Florida in 2009. With a background in psychology, first used in the field of Marketing and Research in Paris, then as a successful professional in the international business world, she has now been guided to finally, “Live the life she had come here to live”.  MORE…




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Cocktails and Networking – 5:30 pm – 7:00 pm

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8:30 - 9:00 am Registration
Friday Feb 7, 2020 Coffee and networking
9:00 am Welcome & Kickoff

The Future of Leadership: Why? How? What?

Adriana Machado

9:15 am Keynote

Complexity & Systemic Thinking for the 21st Century

Corinna Schabbel

9:45 am Fireside Chat

What is it like to be a CEO in the 21st Century? How to navigate the Fourth Industrial Revolution? How to positively influence the creation of the Digital Society?

Adriana Machado (Moderator), Jocelyn Cortez-Young, Pedro Suarez

10:45 am Break
Coffee & networking
11 am PART 1: It All Starts with the Purpose

KEYNOTE You are the Change: Identifying Purpose and Expanding the Capacity for Creation

Cibele Salviatto

11:30 am Panel

Focusing on all Stakeholders: From Corporate Social Responsbility (CSR) to Impact

Julia Wilkinson (Moderator), Gisela Abbam, Rosangela Melatto, Paola DeAngeli

12:30 pm PART 2: Applying the Best Practices & Unleashing Innovation
KEYNOTE Entrepreneurship, Design & Thinking: The Startup Mindset Bob Hacker
1:00 pm Networking Lunch
Join tables by topic and have lunch with a speaker
2:00 pm Fireside Chat

What is it like to have a “CEO”-like position in the government in the 21st Century and collaborate with the private sector to unleash innovation?

Adriana Machado (Moderator), Dorothea Werneck, Paulo Lustosa, Michael Sarasti

3:00 pm Panel

How to Integrate Complex Adaptive Systems, Innovation and Collaboration for Impact?

Rosemary Ravinal (Moderator), Michelle Blechner, Corinna Schabbel, Bob Hacker

3:45 pm Keynote
Mastering the Journey of Leadership and Building the Impact Economy Adriana Machado
4:15 pm Break - Transition to Breakout Sessions
Split into your Breakout Sessions
* Schedule may change.

These are small group sessions, led by an expert, to deep dive into a topic. The Breakout Sessions ARE INCLUDED in your Conference Fees.

4:30 – 6:00 pm

Applying Systemic Thinking to Business

Corinna Schabbel

Conversations in smaller groups are great opportunities to deepen System Theory concepts, and share practical experiences that are useful in your present or future professional activity.

Systemic Leadership

Michelle Blechner

You are the Change - Sustainability from Within

Cibele Salviatto

Continue to develop yourself as a change maker by going deeper into “Sustainability from Within®”, a methodology to expand the level of consciousness of leaders and change agents in the corporate environment, improving the effectiveness of their actions.  It uses leading-edge approaches to vertical development grounded in profound spiritual values and practices to raise the person’s ability to think in more complex, systemic, inclusive and strategic ways, thus better equipping them to cope with the increasing complexity of the world. 

Entrepreneurship Mindset in Life and Business

Bob Hacker

Every natural organism uses the “explore-exploit” model. This is the same model we see in scientific and industrial revolutions and in entrepreneurship. In this session learn how to use this model to better manage innovation in any type of organization.

From CSR to Impact

Rosângela Melatto, Paola DeAngelis and Gisela Abbam

The 4th Industrial Revolution provides opportunities for businesses to authentically align their strategies with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Leaders will be able to see the SDGs as a necessary way of doing business and not simply as an “add-on” tool or a CSR department directive. With innovation comes opportunity along with challenges in the social and environmental realms. Organizations will need to ensure that in this age of unprecedented and constant transformation, profits are coupled with positive social and economic impact.

Storytelling to Win

Rosemary Ravinal

Stories are the way we learned to navigate the world as children and explain our human existence. Research proves that storytelling is the best way to capture hearts and minds and bring people together around a common Purpose. 

In business, stories rooted in Purpose are the secret sauce of winning organizations.  The most successful and enduring companies convey one clear and coherent story about who they are and what they stand for. That narrative is conveyed through their products, customer experiences, employees and the communities they serve. This workshop explores some best practices in purpose-driven storytelling that creates relevance, connection and motivation for action

Investing in Diversity

Julia Wilkinson and Michelle Abbs

Gender Equality and Diversity improves ROI. Learn how diversity improves outcomes and ROI with Michelle Abbs (Diversity in VC Expert, Babson College Director) and Julia Wilkinson (impact investing expert, CEO of imvest). We will engage in a discussion regarding the state of diversity and equality in the workplace and its outsized impact on returns. We will also share a few strategies for how to build strong, self-aware teams and reach outside the comfort zone for talent. Learn how to be an ally to a woman or minority in interactions with investors, clients, customers, and management.


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The Fourth Industrial Revolution is changing the way we live, work and relate to one another.”


Come join us in Miami! February 6-8, 2020