Career Development Expert for the Innovation Economy

Erin Moran McCormick. Former CIO. Entrepreneur. Innovation Director. Author. Educator. Designer.

In an increasingly competitive market, INNOVATION is critical to meeting personal and professional goals.

We need new tools, roadmaps and support to enable employees to develop and engage their innovative mindset

Organizations like GE, Eversource and KPMG hire Erin to inspire their employees to dream big, set lofty goals, push past fear and learn how to take action for amazing results

Erin teaches practical strategies that employees can do on their own to expedite career conversations; making the time with a manager more efficient and effective. 

People leave inspired to take action with a toolkit that gets results


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Working with Tomorrow’s Leaders

Erin McCormick’s expertise in entrepreneurship education – with a focus on women and people of color – and her technology and creative background, bundled with her infectious energy, humor and enthusiasm, make her an ideal speaker for companies who want to lead the way in creating a more inclusive, innovative and results-driven workforce.

Want to develop your employees, but don't have time for constant feedback?

Learn simple action steps for more effective, efficient (and enjoyable) career development strategies


“I don’t have time for daily feedback”:

Practical Action Steps to Simplify Career Development in an Innovative Economy.

Today’s employees crave constant feedback, yet managers often don’t have time for all the personalized attention, coaching and development their employees want. Learn practical, time-saving action steps for more productive strategies for both managers and employees to be able to contribute their best, most fulfilling work. Learn strategies that help employees to get laser-focused and create a Personalized Action Plan for success.

Make career development discussions between managers and employees more productive, efficient (and enjoyable); For Managers, Employees and HR Professionals

Innovating for Success:

How to Push Past What’s Holding You Back and Make 2017 a Year of Action

This hands-on workshop will teach you a new way to get clear on what you want, how to dream big and how to break it into small action steps that get results. You will learn how to push past the fear and doubt and roadblocks that get you stuck. Learn a new goal setting technique and time-saving tips. You will leave feeling inspired and confident with a toolset and strategies to keep the momentum going long after the workshop is over.

Goal setting, time-management, developing an entrepreneurial mindset for success; For all levels

What’s holding women back in business?

Learn How to Get Unstuck, Get Results and Create a Wildly Successful Career

This interactive workshop will focus on six things holding women back in business today and what you can do to get past these roadblocks. We inspire you to disrupt your current thinking and give you strategies to push yourself out of your comfort zone and take action. You will learn how to get laser-focused on what you want, how to get more confidence and how to create an action plan for success. You will learn how to identify what is holding you back and how to push past those fears and doubts. You will leave with practical tools and strategies to set goals, be more focused and productive and start seeing amazing results.

Business basics for emerging leaders; For high potential women and new or aspiring leaders

Creating a Results-Driven Culture

How to be more focused, less stressed and get twice as much done

Do you ever feel like you’re running around and working hard, but not getting anywhere? You spend your day answering emails, sitting in meetings and putting out fires – with little time to actually do any work? Or you get pulled in so many directions and bounce from one thing to another it’s hard to get anything done.  Do you wish you had a way to get in control of it all and feel more focused – and less stressed?  We can help. Learn practical action steps to help you go from being busy to being productive. You will learn new time management and goal setting strategies to improve productivity, add more value and reduce stress.

New goal-setting tools and time management tips; Go from being busy to being productive; For all levels


What People Say...


Speaking about “Innovating for Success” at the GE Leadership Conference in Washington, DC


She’ll make you look good!

Erin’s engaging style, practical tips and interactive presentation made our event a huge success. People loved her and the energy in the room was amazing. She’ll make you look good!

Zara Muradali

Partner, KPMG


It was an exceptional afternoon. So excited and grateful to your generous sharing and guidance today. I found your presentation excellent. Extremely rich, structured in a way and with tools that ensure I’ll remember the content. We’ll be trying to get you back next year. Thank you Erin.

Mary Pat Ryan

Global Marketing Executive

It was SUCH a valuable experience.

Thank you so much for coming to our retreat to do your workshop with us. It was SUCH a valuable experience. What you shared and taught us really resonated with me and I declare that this will be my year of action! I was really inspired by what you said and your story. I look forward to using all the amazing resources for entrepreneurs.

Ashley Feinstein

CPC, Certified Coach, Knowing Your Worth

Best we had all semester.

Thank you once again for a fabulous discussion. The students actually wrote about how they felt you were the best speakers we had all semester. It was just fabulous- your energy, candor and wonderful advice was truly appreciated. Thank you for being part of our women’s leadership education process!

Candy Brush

Chair of the Entrepreneurship Division, Babson College

A glowing review

Thank you so much for coming to Smith and speaking last night. Students gave the event and you a glowing review. WFI and Smith really appreciate your support!

Liz Roberts

Center for Women and Financial Independence , Smith College

The Year of Action Book & Workbook Set

#1 Best Seller on Amazon


Can a little book change your life? This one is changing mine!

Not Just Another Self-Help Book!, Review By Linda Snow-Siciliano

I have bought my share of self-help books over the years. This book is different! This book will give you an action plan for your life. This book is filled with small ideas on how to get more out of your life.

Erin McCormick shows us all how to have fun again, reconnect with what’s really important, and take care of ourselves everyday. I am not going to be jetting off to Paris, but I can add something new and fun to my life everyday.

After reading this book, I am taking small but meaningful steps everyday to enjoy my life.

I have an action plan for my work life too, and I am reaching for higher goals at work that I wouldn’t have had the confidence for before.

Why do we limit our dreams and our potential? Can a little book change your life? This one is changing mine!


This book is a must read for anyone that feels stuck, uninspired or just ready for life to be an adventure again.

A book to be devoured and not just read, Review by Cbatten

Year of Action reminds us of the importance of those moments in life that can, if we are paying attention, guide us to greatness.

The book is a delightful memory of the author’s travels through Europe which then evolves into something more familiar – how she let being a grown up take over. This book is a must read for anyone that feels stuck, uninspired or just ready for life to be an adventure again. With baked in “action steps” to nudge us forward, Erin is clearly lighting the path for us all to lead a “big, fabulous life”.


It makes what appears insurmountable more feasible

Practical, humorous and realisticReview by MTristani

During overwhelming times, this book is refreshing because it makes what appears insurmountable more feasible. The author’s approach to guiding you one step at a time with practical tools creates a structured path to success. Thank you!

Founder, Erin Moran McCormick, speaking in Rio de Janiero

Speaking in Rio de Janeiro


I couldn’t put it down

Great Read!, Review By JaneJr

This book is a GREAT read and extremely helpful for anyone who is looking at their life and wondering, wow, is this really all there is??? Erin has provided a great roadmap for people who want to live their best life with real passion and without fear. Her own rich life experiences lend themselves greatly to illustrate the meaningful little, and the big, defining moments of life – and – the big ripple effect we all have on one another.

…I couldn’t put it down. I finished it in a day. It’s refreshing, it’s energizing, and I found myself laughing more than once at her humor and thinking, WOW many times. Best book I have read in a while.

I could relate to many of the experiences with work, especially. I am going through a redefining, life changing phase right now myself..and all I can say is, Year of Action!!!


This book is simply terrific! Well written, engaging and funny

Year of Action – Insightful, inspiring and motivating, Review By Alicia H. Clark, PsyD

This book is simply terrific! Well written, engaging, and funny, Year of Action inspires us to notice the “moments” of life, take action, and build “momentum”.

Without naming them as such, the author deftly takes on the common and sometimes crippling mental health issues of procrastination, avoidance, feeling stuck, and anxiety, to name a few. With compassion and integrity, McCormick describes the solution: action. She breaks down the process of paying attention to what we want, recognizing life’s moments, and using this insight to fuel action. Action through courage. So simple and yet so hard.

I talk about this every day with my patients, with my kids, and most importantly with myself! This readable, funny, and down-to-earth book is a must-read for anyone ready to take action – why not make it your first step?


Good Kick in the Butt Story

Good Kick in the Butt StoryReview by Saving History

Erin lives what she writes. The book leaves you looking at all the “moments” in your life differently. Great book!


It’s like going from having a simple screwdriver to owning a complete kit of power tools.

Inspiring, practical, motivatingReview by JMF

“…you feel truly motivated, inspired, and charged with energy. It’s like going from having a simple screwdriver to owning a complete kit of power tools. You feel like what you want to do is possible–you CAN really go for whatever it is that you want in your life.

After reading this book, I mapped out a new financial plan, weight loss/exercise strategy, and clear goals for my career and family life this year and beyond. This book helped give me the momentum to get started, and the author makes you feel like she’s your friend right there cheering you on.”


Encouraging you to be bold and fabulous in your own life

Her Warmth Shines,  Review by LIngalls 

I find myself running around shouting, “Year of Action!” What a great saying to keep yourself laughing and courageously moving forward in your life. Erin Moran McCormick has a warmth that shines through in her writing.

Even though you may not ever meet her face to face, there is a genuine sense that she is peeking over your shoulder, sharing her story with you, and encouraging you to be bold and fabulous in your own life. I highly recommend this book!

story_bench_glassesEvent at STORY in NYC

"She'll make you look good." - KPMG

erin_fox_boaBehind the Scenes at FOX TV

Erin has it figured out

Erin has it figured out – this is the big show, not a tryout. What, precisely, are you waiting for? She was amazing when I worked with her 25 years ago and she’s still making a ruckus.”

– Seth Godin, Author, Linchpin

Erin can motivate your work force or organization to be more productive and more engaged. She has practical strategies, action steps and an inviting and energetic delivery that leaves people inspired and ready to take action.



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