Here is a sample letter you can edit and send to your boss to show why this is a smart investment in you.

There is also the flyer you can download that explains the benefits of the program.

Good luck and let us know if we can help in any way.


Erin McCormick
Faculty Director
Director, Center for Innovation & Entrepreneurship
UMass Boston College of Management


As an employee who takes her career at <COMPANY NAME> very seriously, I would like to discuss my professional development opportunities with you.

I have researched potential training options that would be best for me, and add to the pool of skills on our team. I have identified a course that can impact both my career and the organization positively and would like to discuss the possibility of <COMPANY NAME> assisting with the course fees.

The course is the XAP- Xcelerated Action Program for Women. It is a practical, action-based course that covers topics of goal setting, time management, productivity, communication, confidence building, negotiations, sales, financials and more.

I’m interested in this course because:

  • These skills are extremely relevant to my job responsibilities and learning these skills would improve my performance and output
  • The course is practical and action-based, which will allow me to have an immediate impact on the work that I do on a day-to-day basis (It was written up in FORBES saying: “It is an accessible, inviting way to teach women the hard business skills they need…The timing is ripe for a program like this.”)
  • I want to master these skills so that I can foster an innovative and competitive approach to our work
  • I would like to bring forward recommendations and suggestions to our work processes to ensure continual improvement and boost our organization’s performance
  • This course is online, and has a very flexible schedule, and it doesn’t take any time away from work
  • This course is delivered through UMass Boston and is cost-effective and practical and grants a certificate of completion from the UMass Boston College of Management
  • I would be happy to keep you updated with what I am learning throughout the course and share my knowledge with our team, to ensure <COMPANY NAME> receives maximum benefit from my new learnings.

Please let me know when would be a convenient time to chat.

Thank you for your consideration,

P.S. There are also ways to qualify for a FREE onsite Leadership Workshop. $5500 value.