Erin Moran McCormick

Erin Moran McCormick
Founder,Year of Action
Director, Center for Innovation & Entrepreneurship,UMass Boston

Former CIO. Started three companies. Former Director, Curriculum Innovation & Technology, Babson College – #1 in the world for entrepreneurship education

Author: Year of Action and Launching Your Life: How to use the business principles of entrepreneurship to launch a life you love

#1 Best-Seller on Amazon

Year of Action - How to Stop Waiting & Start Living Your BIG, Fabulous Life by Erin Moran McCormick


We teach people how to be

more engaged, entrepreneurial,

successful and happy at work (and life).


Year of Action started out as a book to inspire people to take action in their lives.

It has grown into a Professional Development Firm that creates blended online/in-person programs that inspire and prep people to act. We help forward-thinking companies close the skills and gender gaps today.

We teach the hard and soft skills – with a special focus on advancing women – to help companies create an engaged, innovative and results-driven workforce.

"The timing is ripe for a program like this." - FORBES

Speaking & Workshops – Great for Employee Resource Groups

We also create short 90-minute, 1/2 day, full day sessions onsite at companies and colleges, for both men and women.

Forward-thinking companies hire us to inspire their teams to dream big, set lofty goals, push past fear and take action steps that deliver results.

In partnership with UMass Boston


Our Founder, Erin McCormick, is the Director, Center for Innovation & Entrepreneurship at UMass Boston and delivers the Year of Action programs in partnership with UMass Boston College of Management’s Center for Innovation & Entrepreneurship.

Our Story


Erin quit a toxic job on her 50th birthday – and has never looked back.

While trying to figure out what to do next, she ended up turning her blog into a book, Year of Action.

On the Year of Action book tour, she noticed that women kept scribbling down everything she said.

Women wanted to take action in their lives – start a business, go for the promotion, ask for a raise – but didn’t know what to do. Or even more than that – they didn’t believe they could do it. 

So – in 2013, Author, Erin McCormick did a test.

Combining the feedback she had gotten from women on the book tour, with her experience of being an entrepreneur, techie and former Director, Curriculum Innovation & Technology at Babson College, Erin created an online program to teach women the essentials from business school – but in a more relaxed and inviting environment.

It was a safe space to ask questions and practice your skills.

She wanted it to feel more like you were having coffee with your girlfriends than sitting in an intimidating classroom. It was designed to boost your confidence and courage, along with hard business skills.

Women loved it and Action B-School was born:  blended online/in-person programs with a focus on action.

We call this framework the "new MBA"


Books & Workbooks


Be where all the ACTION is

Year of Action


It feels great to do work you love.

We help companies create an engaging, innovative culture and help employees get clear on what they want and an action plan for how to get there – so we all succeed.

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